East Woods
Skate Plaza

Huntington Park
300 Block of
Caleb Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13206


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Watch for a Spring Skateboard Competition

Skateboard Competition

Syracuse Sports Corp is organizing a larger competitive event for Spring 2015. Check back for updates.

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Help Expand the Plaza

This project shows what our community, working together, can accomplish.

Phase II will provide more space and more elements to encourage teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline in a safe environment.

Please make the most generous donation you can to support Phase II.


They made the difference.

The Skateboarders' Stories


Skateboarder reactions
to the new plaza.

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Skateboarder Reactions

It’s been just a few weeks since the East Woods Skate Plaza has been open for Skateboarders to try out. Already, we are hearing very positive and encouraging comments from them! And, many of them are helping keep in it good shape by cleaning and picking up litter around the site. One skateboarder even requested that a garbage pail be provided… one that will be emptied… so they can keep the area clean.

One of the Skateboarders cleaning the new plaza

One of the Skateboarders cleaning the new plaza

I really like the park, the stairs, the ramps, the trees are coming out for shade. Trees covering the back part and shade over there. The road is better now. Really great. Pretty great.

~ Brody, age 10

Lot of flow. Small but good. A lot of people here. I have been here every day since Memorial Day. On the weekend, people come from not around here. A group came from Rome on Memorial Day. I used to go downtown & get in trouble.

~ Richard, age 33

Awesome! I’m from the northside. Been here a dozen times already.

~ Johnny, age 23

I knew it was happening six years ago, went to the meeting. Pretty cool – cool to have a free park like how they planned.

~ Kenny, age 18

I live three blocks away. I knew it was happening for four years. I started skateboarding at five. I come every day – been waiting for it.

~ John, age 11

I’ve been skateboarding since I was 10 or 11. I grew up in Ohio and was bummed when I got here that there wasn’t a skateboard park. Liverpool has too many restrictions. This is great for the community. It’s well-built — it’s breaking in well. I teach younger skateboarders. This is my first time here.

~ Josh, age 22

I’ve known about it for a couple months. Didn’t skateboard until the park. Pretty decent.

~ Jonathan, age 14

It’s got good flow. I’ve been waiting for this since I was a kid. It’s what I hoped for. I’m kinda excited. It’s free… close… you can ride to it.

~ Caleb, age 18