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Skateboard Competition

Syracuse Sports Corp is organizing a larger competitive event for Spring 2015. Check back for updates.

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This project shows what our community, working together, can accomplish.

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Grand Opening of the East Woods Skate Plaza a Success

Eastwood Neighborhood Association celebrates opening of East Woods Skate Plaza

Mayor Stephanie A. Miner

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie A. Miner speaks during the Grand Opening

On Saturday, June 21, 2014, Eastwood Neighborhood Association hosted a celebration for the Grand Opening of the East Woods Skate Plaza. The event was well attended by Eastwood residents, skateboarders, public officials and the media.

The official program began with Parks Commissioner Baye Muhammad introducing City of Syracuse Mayor Stephanie A. Miner. Miner gave credit to Judy Lewis, stating that many years back when she was on the City Council and saw Judy Lewis behind the project, she realized it was an aspiration that had a real hope of becoming a reality. Miner emphasized that without Judy Lewis, none of this would have happened.

Miner then pointed out that this project shows what is special about Syracuse, that we can recognize goals and aspirations and work together to overcome the obstacles and figure out a way to get it done.

Judy Lewis was then introduced. She said that well over 100 people were involved in the creation of the plaza and thanked all of them. She then explained the name East Woods Skate Plaza, not Eastwood Skate Plaza. The woods behind the plaza are the last stand of the original East Woods, which eventually was shortened to Eastwood. She then introduced three skateboarders who were significant in the plaza’s development, Jamie Notarthomas, who petitioned for a skate park in 1978, Stixz Chambers, who while in the armed forces encouraged them continuously from Afghanistan, and Neil Kraus, who will become the next chair of the Eastwood Neighborhood Association Skate Park Research Committee.

Also present at the event was skateboarder Josh Kinder, who was instrumental in encouraging the design of the plaza to be changed from a concrete pad with equipment attached to the streetscape plaza design that was finally adopted, and many other skateboarders that have followed the project over the years.

The Dream Becomes Reality

Ribbon Cutting

Judy Lewis and Mayor Miner cut the ribbon as (from left) skateboarders Stixz Chambers, Josh Kinder, Herbert Harris, Neil Kraus and Parks Commissioner Baye Muhammad look on.

The first seeds of an idea began in the late 1970s when a group of Eastwood kids “got hooked” on the new sport and wanted the City of Syracuse to leave the old outside pool at Huntington Park for their use. At that time, a “skate park” was only the dream of the neighborhood kids.

These were the seeds that germinated almost 30 years later, when a group of adults become concerned about all the kids that were skating on any new concrete or ledge they could find on James Street. The adults were concerned for the businesses as well as these athletes that had nowhere to practice their sport.

In 2005, with the support and encouragement of James Street churches and businesses, the Skate Research Committee of the Eastwood Neighborhood Association was formed. The group included ENA members, skaters, their parents and a representative from Syracuse Parks.

On this day, we will not only be celebrating the Plaza opening, but also the creativity, persistence, and determination that was required to attain this dream. Read about some of the young people involved in the project over the years.

Skateboard Competition

The first Skateboard competition took place during the opening day celebration with about 25 skateboarders participating in four skill categories.

East Woods Skate Plaza Grand Opening Commemorative T-Shirt

Commemorative T-Shirt Available

Show your support of the new East Woods Skate Plaza by purchasing and wearing the commemorative t-shirt. This is a great way to spread the news about this new resource in our neighborhood and encourage its continued success.

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