The East Woods Skate Plaza

Skateboarding has grown into the mainstream over the past couple of decades.

Once considered a renegade activity, skateboarding is now widely recognized as a highly skilled activity that provides great exercise and a creative and athletic outlet for children of all ages and even adults.

Even the Pope owns a skateboard.

The skateboarding craze has grown to an international sensation, yet youths are routinely warned not to skateboard on many public properties. Shopkeepers ask them not skate in front of their stores.

Skateboard parks and plazas are beginning to crop up in many places across the country, including in Central New York, notably the skate park at Onondaga Lake Park.

But there are limitations to the Onondaga Lake Park skate park. It is open limited hours. It is small, so the number of people using it at any one time is small. Worst of all, though, youths cannot get to the park safely without an adult to drive them.

The proposed East Woods Skate Plaza would give youths a safe place to get exercise and practice their skills within walking, cycling or skateboarding distances from their homes.

Slotted for the woods behind Huntington Park where many area youths already ride their bikes, the plaza would integrate many popular skateboarding and freestyle cycling obstacles with the existing landscape while maintaining wooded buffers behind houses and off Burnet Avenue.

Better yet, the plaza would include picnic areas and an intimate setting for outdoor performances with stepped amphitheater-style seating.

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